Wedding Choreography2

Everything is worth it if you are happy,

So sing, cook, dress-up, twirl or dance to Rahman, Ghoshal, Rihanna or Shaggy

I have been dancing at weddings as long back as I can remember things. It’s always so exciting, fun and special. This is something that comes really naturally to me and I hold great pleasure in sharing that joy and being able to contribute to happiness in lives of families through my passion for dance. Bringing together what the bride & groom want, what their parents, siblings, cousins, friends, family are excited for and suggestions and ideas from me…. I have had the pleasure of choreographing several weddings since 2015 and each one radiates a flavor of it’s own, celebrating love that’s one of a kind.

    Hashtag decided hai We’d love to know then

    Date of the function jispe dil kholke dance karna hai

    Date to kick start the wedding dance practices

    Date till which we can have the last dance practice”

    What groups are dancing and how do you want to segregate them:

    A)Bride and Groom

    B)Bride Side
    ParentsSiblings with BrideSister's DanceCousinsSchool FriendsCollege FriendsBridesmaidsAunts and UnclesFamily DanceBride SoloSibling and their FriendsMom and Her FriendsDad and His FriendsMom and AuntsColony FriendsOthers

    C)Groom side
    ParentsSiblings with GroomBrother's DanceCousinsSchool FriendsCollege FriendsAll Boys DanceAunts and UnclesFamily DanceGroom SoloSibling and their FriendsMom and Her FriendsDad and his FriendsMom and AuntsColony FriendsOthers

    D)Full group closing dance / Blockbuster Finale

    E)Flash mob

    Do you want a theme to the dances:

    If you want comparing, do you want us to help:

    Do you want us to edit the music:

    Would there be groups outside the city/country who will not be able to attend practices and we would need instructional videos for them: