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Choreographed for a movie named Sharmaji Namkeen starring Rishi Kapoor and Juhi Chawla,
which unfortunately could not get completed due to the sad demise of actor Rishi Kapoor.


Light Over Darkness

The story behind Diwali
(Oct 2019)

Directed and put together a production with student
 dancers from different parts of the world,
involving and educating them about
India’s culture and history.

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A Painted Canvas- Colors Of Life (Director & Choreographer: Apr 2019)

Yellow, Blue, Red….
mix them well &you have a wide spread.
Feelings, characteristics & things…
each color has so much that it brings.
Can you imagine a life without colors?
Eras passing by, no blue waters sky…
Can’t miss spring, summer, autumn & winter…
moving from one shade to another.
This production brought out the hue-man life moving
& grooving through our Technicolor glasses.

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Sacred Games season 2 (Jan 2019)

Choreographed and performed for few ashram shots in sacred games season.

Worked with the director and Kalki in understanding the briefing and putting it into movement.

Beyond Borders- This is us (Oct 2018)

Directed and choreographed this ticketed dance production at American Embassy School that had about 40 student participants and a footfall of around 300 adults and children who came to watch.

About the production: Who knows for sure how it started? We can’t trace back the thread. But there are borders now, countries interact with each other, we’ll show you how!! Some growing together, some battling & some helping, we’ll be putting t out for you with a dance through time.

Choreographed dance pieces for various MS & HS theatre
productions at American Embassy School

Some Like It Hot

A jazz piece, an impactful and comic partner dance for two guys were amongst the few dance pieces I choreographed for this theatrical adaptation of a Marilyn Monroe Comedy/Romance.

Great Gatsby

Choreographed dance moves to best suit the extravagant play, set and costumes.


Choreographed the closing sequence
of this MS adaptation of Wolves
(2016 play by Sarah DeLappe).

Promotional teaser for a show on Discovery Kids (Sep 2016)

Choreographed for the promo of a series about an adventurous cat and his friends named ‘Billu Bhai’ that premiered on discovery kids in 2016

Raymonds commercial (Oct 2016)

Assisted Ryan Martyr in choreographing one
of the Raymonds TV commercial.

Dance India Dance Season
4 (Oct 2013)

Assisted Shruti Merchant and her team to choreograph and teach the contestants
the audition choreography to qualify for her team Shruti ke shandar.